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Banzai Skydiving!


Banzai Skydiving Videos

Are those videos really banzai skydiving videos? Here are some great video’s to get your feet wet. We have some great clips from blockbuster movies and some commercials that are pretty funny too. The selections have been extended to include some other banzai jumps that will put you on edge – the edge of the world that is. You’re sure to enjoy these clips.

Banzai Skydiving!

What is it? How exactly is it done? Banzai skydiving is a phenomenon in skydiving that most people hear about, want to know about, but can’t find any answers. Well here they are. Banzai skydiving is even found in blockbuster movies and we’re sure you don’t even know you’re watching a metamorphosis of the jump. Being banzai has deep Chinese and Japanese roots.

Banzai Skydiving Deaths

Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records says the Banzai Skydiving Category is the most dangerous to attempt. They still accept entries because contesters only risk their life, not the life of others. It takes skill and bravery to pull it off. Life and death consequences extend beyond the boundaries of the banzai skydive; the Reaper has Lotto tickets for a select few.

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The banzai skydive has two distinct actions that makes it the banzai sport that it is. One, throw the parachute out of the plane and two, jump after it. The goal of the sport is to catch the parachute in enough time to secure the harness, pull the rip cord and glide to the projected landing point.

Two physical skydive components are the banzai skydiver and banzai parachute. The first is a skydiver willing to make this type of solo jump, and the second is the freefall parachute. Both will have to be synchronized with diver exit and the projected landing point to ensure there is enough time for proper deployment of the parachute.

Banzai Skydiver has some great info on banzai skydiving deaths, skydiving world records and videos. In fact, we were quite amazed what our research revealed. Check it out!

Banzai Skydiving Deaths

Banzai Skydiving World Record

Banzai Skydiving Videos


Banzai is used all over the world today in many different contexts. Banzai’s Band Experience, Banzai Restaurant, banzai sushi, banzai racing and of course, banzai skydiving. We’re most familiar with the banzai charge of World War II. It’s useage is derived from the battle cry of the Japanese warrior, “Tenno Heika banzai,””Long Live the Emperor!”

Banzai is the Japanese, “hurrah!” It’s actually two words merged together to mean 10,000 years. Ban is 10,000 and zai or sai is years. Super happy Japanese yell Ban-Banzai! That is “ten times ten thousand years!” Wan-sui is the Chinese version. Its characters are read in Japan as Banzai.

Banzai was born during the Chinese Chin Dynasty (255-207 B.C.). King-Emperor Chou of the Chou Dynasty coveted a famous jewel called Ho-Shi-Pi owned by King Hui. Chou offered a territory exchange for the jewel. Hui fearing the mighty Chou agreed. When Chou received the jewel he and the courtiers shouted, “Wan-sui” (Banzai). It became an integral part of the Japanese culture when the Constitution of Japan was signed in 1889. In a word, Banzai!


Yasuhiro Kubo began skydiving at the age of twenty. His video work has earned him acclaim in Japan and he is known throughout the world. He has become a skydive master. Kubo is fluent in many skydiving styles and is well versed in both the wingsuit and base jumping., Kubo’s website is a virtual record book of accomplishments dating back to 1985.

Is Yasuhiro Kubo banzai? The actual term, “banzai” does not appear on his website or on his YouTube channel. Yet he is hailed as the banzai skydiving Guinness record holder. Kubo’s skydive is recorded as a no parachute skydiving Guinness record in 2000. The answer to that riddle comes from the Guinness Book of World Records Editor Craig Glenday.

Official answer – yes. Yasuhiro Kubo’s skydive does make him banzai and the Guinness record holder in the Banzai Skydive category. If he had failed, he’d be in the record of banzai skydiving deaths. Glenday describes the jump. Kubo was taken up to 10,000 feet; he threw his parachute out the door, waited 50 seconds and then jumped after it successfully. The banzai measure for Guinness is the wait; almost a full minute. 50 seconds is the longest wait known on record!


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