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Thank you and welcome to Banzai Skydiver! We really have a fun and exciting website for you. Our mission is to bring you everything Banzai Skydiving. First thing we noticed when trying to find out about the subject, there’s nothing on it. People were asking if it’s even real! It’s real; it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records. Not only that, Hollywood loves the idea of the banzai jump. I bet you didn’t even know you were watching a version of the skydive. And these are big movies. It’s even starting to appear in popular commercials we see everyday.Banzai Skydiver Logo

Banzai Skydiver thinks you will be blown away by what is considered banzai. Oh yes, the banzai skydive is well defined, but to be banzai doesn’t necessarily mean your performing that type of skydive. It means extreme risk and a few other goodies from ancient Chinese and Japanese history. Some of the world record holders are holding the Reaper’s Lotto ticket and may not even know it. Maybe one does. But you’ll have to read on to find out whom. So how do we determine what we write about and what the relationships are?

Banzai Skydiver uses a computer called Samantha. Samantha runs special software that mines information and then determines what those relationships are. We felt it was only fair to reveal that we are using very intelligent computers tied into the most powerful powerhouses on the planet because we are talking about death. That’s right, banzai skydiving deaths. Just like banzai covers a spectrum of skydiving activities, some of the acts themselves qualify individuals for the Reapers Lotto.